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Inner Healing Deliverance Ministry
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Welcome to Bound No More, a joint ministry of J.M.E.A. ​and I Will Not Keep Silent Ministries.

As a team of professionals, we have joined together to ​offer you quarterly corporate (in-person) inner healing ​and deliverance services. We also offer Zoom meetings per ​request.

When you study the life of our Lord and Savior Jesus ​Christ, you find everywhere he went he was casting out ​demons and healing people. Deliverance ministry often ​leads others to inner healing, spiritual healing, and ​physical healing!

We have a mandate from God to set the captives free!

"The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD ​has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has ​sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty ​to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those ​who are bound; - Isaiah 6:12

“But if I cast out demons by the finger of God, then the ​kingdom of God has come upon you.” - Luke 11:20

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Meet The Team

"And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall ​they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall ​take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not ​hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall ​recover." - Mark 16: 17-18

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Every three months we offer group inner healing & deliverance in-person. Right now, we travel to different locations in West Texas. In addition, we do zoom meetings per request. During these meetings, you will obtain a clear understanding of the difference between inner healing and deliverance, receive freedom from demonic strongholds and bondage, as well as learn how to keep your deliverance.

In-Person Deliverance:

Dates: April 7th-8th, 2023 7PM (Central Time)

Location: Abundant Life Church, Midland, TX

Zoom Deliverance Meeting

Per request

April 19th is our next Zoom at 7PM

(Register below and a team member will get in touch)

How do you know if you need inner healing or deliverance?

Here are some of the basic questions to ask yourself are as below:

1. Do I wrestle with sinful behavior regardless of no matter what I do?

2. Is my mind tormented by things in the past?

3. Have I experienced trauma and never bounced back?

4. Is Jesus the Lord of my life, yet I find that I live in continual sin?

5. Am I harboring unforgiveness toward someone that has harmed me?

6. Do you have thoughts of suicide?

7. Does depression and anxiety rule your life

If you are….

Addicted to drugs or alcohol

Addicted to sex or porn

Being attacked sexually in dreams

Having nightmares

Having marriage or relationship issues

Depressed or suicidal

Experiencing deep bitterness, anger, or rage

Living in lack or poverty

Living in a cycle of trauma and drama

Stuck in bad habits

Being attacked by the powers of witchcraft

Feeling deep pain

Feeling you’re under a curse

This is the place for you….

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” - John‬ ‭10‬:‭10‬ ‭

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we can help you! Register below for our next event now! You must register to reserve your seat. If you have further questions, please email

us or call (800) 674-7559

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Inner Healing & Deliverance

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Our next in-person meeting will be held at

Abundant Life Ministries, 511 S. Stonewall St, ​Midland, TX, 79701!

April 7th & 8th @ 7PM (both nights). Keep in ​mind you will need to attend both nights, the ​first night is inner healing and the second ​night is deliverance.

If you live far away you can request to join ​our next zoom meeting. Our next Zoom ​meeting is April 19th @ 7PM

If you'd like to book our ministry (or one of ​our speakers) for your next event, please ​click the register button below!

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Leadership Inner Healing Deliverance

This meeting is a place for leaders in churches, ministries, and ​organizations to come and receive private group inner healing & ​deliverance with a group of other leaders. Many leaders suffer ​with issues and feel all alone so we are breaking that barrier by ​offering support and real help!

The meeting will be May 6th at 6PM!

Location: Grace & Mercy Fellowship 8650 N Golder Ave, Odessa, ​TX

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Class Registration

Monday Classes 7PM

Deliverance Ministry Certification (3 Classes ​Required),

Spiritual Warfare Class, Registration Closed ​for 2023 - Sign up for 2024 (Information TBA ​via email at a later time)

Inner Healing Class (Online)

Deliverance Class (Online)

Evangelism Certification Class (One Class ​Required)

Evangelism Class (On Campus)

Tuesday Classes 7PM

Prophecy Class, Registration Closed for ​2023- Sign up for 2024 (Information TBA via ​email at a later time)

Dream Interpretation Class (Online & On ​Campus

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Teaching Videos and More

Many people come for deliverance but have no idea what to do ​going forward. After delivernace there are important guidelines ​to follow. Watch the video above titled, How To Keep Your ​Delivernace!

The "cancel culture" wants to cancel God, but as children of the ​Light, we are stepping up to cancel Satan in our homes and ​communities! Our Deliverance Team, "Bound No More" addresses ​the problem of Halloween and why the Church and believers ​need to steer clear of participating in it all together!

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Office: (800) 674-7559

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“What I saw at the event was a hunger from the people to be ​set free, to know more about Jesus, and then receive from Holy ​Spirit. I was in awe of what the Lord did in the lives of those ​who were desperate for Him! I saw many accept Jesus as their ​Lord and Savior and then receive from Him! I believe we will ​see more of the desperation for God to move as we walk into ​these end times. It’s now or never, Choose Life! Choose Jesus!” ​- Christine Quinonez

"I grew up believing in deliverance. However, with the passing ​of years, after hearing certain teachings... I came to the ​conclusion deliverances weren't at all necessary.

After seeing the cycles in my life, I realized there was ​something much deeper than having to modify certain ​behaviors. I prayed and read the Word, but every time I fasted, ​it became harder and harder.

Coming back from a trip in the Dominican Republic last year, ​I noticed how my dreams became more dark. I began to ​question if what I was hearing or seeing was God inspired. It ​wasn't until I shared with Cher what I assumed was rooted in ​familiar spirits. She mentioned an inner healing and ​deliverance service and I went.

The first night during inner healing, the root to something I ​semi forgot about came into full focus. What was so impressive ​was that when Jesus showed up, the memory's pain was erased. ​Literally it was lit up in white light and I knew it had ​happened, but all I can see now was light. The same thing ​happened again with the next issue. I drove back home 45 ​minutes away totally blown away with what God had just ​done.

The second night was deliverance night. My history with ​deliverances, I opted for more private settings where I couldn't ​be embarrassed by misuse of the ministry. I knew I was in a ​safe place and whatever happened, abuse was not going to be ​an issue. Even in a public setting, I knew everything was with ​the love of Christ.

I feel like the people who encountered Jesus, they could not ​keep silent what he’d done for them. I share my experience ​every time I can share it. This journey in Christ now feels new ​and I am embracing my new found freedom in Him."

-Melissa Pando

“I saw many people receive deliverance, healing, and salvation. ​God’s presence was so strong both nights, and people left with ​their lives changed as well as set free! God is on the move right ​now and his grace is for everyone.”

- Fran Rushing

"I saw so many people be set free, get healed, and find Jesus as ​their Lord. It was a great two nights spent with the Holy ​Spirit.” - Sonny Webb

“Hey I Cher…I’m not sure you saw me, but I was able to make ​it out for the second night of the deliverance service and I ​really felt The Presence of God in the room. When I left that ​night I felt light and mobile like I was carrying a weight and ​didn’t even know it…it was so powerful.”

- Courtney Watts

“I was able to attend the Saturday (Feb 11th) meeting of the ​Bound No More Inner Healing and Deliverance event in ​Andrews, TX. I received deliverance from a Spirit of Doubt. ​As Ruthie Dickie prayed for one of my family members next to ​me, my legs went numb. I kept ignoring it, not realizing what ​was happening. I now think that spirit was already agitated ​just by her praying next to me bc it knew what was coming. ​Ruthie moved to me and started praying. She pointed at me ​and started calling out a spirit of doubt. As she prayed, my ​stomach began to have movement inside, but it was a feeling ​I’ve not known before. I was debating on telling her how my ​stomach was feeling, when she suddenly stopped praying and ​asked if my stomach felt weird. This was my confirmation that ​it was the spirit moving inside my belly that I was feeling bc ​the Holy Spirit told her about it, not me. I told her yes and she ​put her hand on my belly and prayed more. As she prayed, the ​odd feeling moved to my lower throat and I felt slightly ​nauseous. Before I had the chance to tell her, she asked if it had ​moved. I said yes in my throat and she moved her hand to my ​throat and prayed more. Then the feeling went to my upper ​throat. I told her and she moved her hand to my upper throat ​and prayed. It wasn’t long before I started coughing, then ​gagging, and then spit up in a trash can. I felt completely ​different afterward and knew it was gone. Praise God! This is a ​spirit I have had before, was previously delivered, and opened ​the door to again somehow. I will be reviewing the lesson on ​keeping my deliverance on their website ​today so I don’t struggle with this again. It was so amazing to ​see so many people getting delivered in the same location! I ​believe it’s just the beginning of what we will see more of in ​the coming days!” - Carla Wisdom